Tips for choosing the best TV stand

A TV stand is one of the indispensable furniture in every living space of the family. It is usually located in two spaces is in the living room and the bedroom. Nowadays, a TV stand is not just a piece of furniture to place a TV on it. It also combines many other components and parts like cabinets, shelves so you can store other objects effectively.

However, on the market today, TV stands are extremely diverse designs with different sizes, colors, and designs. Therefore, to buy a TV stand that is both qualities and meets your needs is not easy.

Understanding that worry, in this article, I will present some of the criteria or tips that you need to consider before buying a TV stand for your family. From there, you can get a TV stand that best suits your tastes and is worth the money. Now, are you curious about what those tips are? I won’t make you wait long. Let’s start exploring.


I’m sure you don’t want to buy a standing TV that makes you crane your neck, right? It will make your neck sore quickly, and you will not be interested in watching TV anymore. Therefore, choosing a stand TV Tv height appropriate for your vision is very important and necessary. Experts suggest that the TV Stand height of about 42 inches is best suited. However, the distance must depend on the height of your sofa or chair to the TV. To measure the most appropriate distance, sit down on the sofa and try to see if that distance is appropriate for your vision. If not, you can adjust it immediately.

Finally, manufacturers recommend that you should get a TV stand that is set up with mounts to be able to adjust and change positions easier.

Size and width

Next, the size of your TV also determines the size and width of the TV stand. For example, if your TV is about 40, 50 inches, you cannot buy a standing TV that is smaller than the width of the TV. Not only does it make your TV stand ridiculous and unsightly, but it also causes your TV stand or TV to break quickly. Let’s imagine a small TV stand with a big TV, can they withstand each other for a long time? Your TV will accidentally crash or fall at any time with a TV stand too small. Therefore, before buying a TV stand for your family, you need to carefully measure the size and width of the TV to fit perfectly with the TV stand you will get.

Suitable for the whole space

Before buying a TV stand for your living room or bedroom, you have to see if it fits the size of that room. Specifically, if your living room is too small, you should not buy a TV stand that is too big. It will make your living room space narrower than before. Therefore, to get a TV stand that is suitable for small spaces, you need to buy a corner TV stand or a traditional TV stand. These are the two most suitable options. Because they do not make your home space cramped, it also makes your space more beautiful and attractive.

Conversely, if you live in a large and comfortable space, you can choose whatever type of TV stand you want is suitable. The bigger the best TV stand, the more charming your living space will be.


In the market today, manufacturers have used a lot of different materials to make a TV stand. However, wood and metal are the two most popular materials. The wooden TV stand is suitable for those who like the traditional, rustic. Besides, a metal TV stand is loved by people who want living spaces to become more attractive and modern.

Common types of wood used to make the TV stand as oak, cherry wood, mahogany, etc. These are natural wood. So its price is quite high. Of course, you can be assured of the quality it brings.

On the other hand, metal is much cheaper than wood. Besides, it’s quite light. You can move it from one position to another easily. However, it is not strong enough and durable as wood. Therefore, this material is suitable for people with average incomes.

Extra Features

But as I said above, TV stands today have a lot of other functions besides being used to place TVs. You can store other household objects on it. For example, manufacturers have settled several cabinets, shelves, doors on it. These additional features will make your TV stand more beautiful and unique. With shelves, you can put decorative items such as vases, pictures.  And with drawers, you can store or put things that you do not want to expose. Finally, a TV stand with glass doors will make your room more modern. Remember to check if it is tempered glass or not. Because only using this type of glass, you just can put objects on it effectively.


If you want to use a wooden TV stand, brown wood is the most popular color. It is the safest option because shades of brown can work well in many different color combinations and styles.

Besides, Black is also another option for you. In case, If you are looking to decorate a home in a contemporary style.

You can use other colors you like. However, you need to consider whether it is fit for the whole space.

In conclusion

I have covered some criteria that you need to consider when choosing a TV stand for your family. Those criteria are extremely necessary. I recommend that you should not skip any of them

I hope the information I have given above can help you in buying the best quality TV stand. And thank you so much for taking the time to read this article. Have a nice day.

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