Features to consider when getting a jigsaw

Jigsaw is one of the indispensable tools for carpenters and woodworking lovers. The outstanding use of this type of tool is to be able to cut a piece of wood into different angles and shapes according to the user’s wishes from straight to circular or parallel cut. Besides cutting wood, you can apply it to cut other materials like metal, glass or ceramic.

However, on the market today there are many different jigsaws with different designs, features or colors. That makes the carpenter especially the beginner extreme difficulty when choosing the one that suits their work best.

Understanding that worry, in this article I will present to you about some features you need to consider first when choosing to buy a jigsaw for your workshop and family. Are you curious about what those features are? I don’t let you wait any longer. Let’s find out and explore.



Main features

When you consider purchasing a jigsaw, you need to pay attention to features of orbital action and variable speed first. Because these two features determine the cutting quality of your entire process. Find out in detail about the outstanding features of these two parts below.

Orbital action: Jigsaw’s orbital action has remarkable features compared to the standard orbital. With the standard orbital, you can only move up and down. But with orbital action, you can move more flexibly from moving up and down simply to forward or backward, … Especially, it helps jigsaw avoid corrosion or damage quickly. Besides, the orbital action can assist the carpenter to make smoother cuts than the standard orbital

Variable speed: The best jigsaw is a tool that can adjust the speed. Buying a tool that comes with this feature is essential. It allows you to flexibly adjust the tool’s movement speed to suit each material. For example, if you want to cut metal material or cut the wooden board in a circular shape, setting with slow speed is most proper. That makes your final product more beautiful and meticulous.

Other features

Besides, there are some features below that you must not overlook:

Motor power: With any tool, motor power is an important factor when choosing. Strong motors will be able to cut faster, more powerful. That will lead to an increase in your productivity. According to my suggestion, you take a jigsaw with a motor of six or seven amps that is suitable.

Cut depth: You should choose a jigsaw with depth appropriate to each material. For example, if cutting wood, the most suitable depth is about 2 inches. And when cutting metal, you should cut about 1/2 inch deep. Cutting to the appropriate depth is important. Because, if the cut is too deep, it will destroy the jigsaw and cause the tool to break or bend quickly.

A few other considerations

Corded and Cordless: There are two types of jigsaw commonly used today: corded and cordless. Each type has different features and superior structure. In the past, cordless was not as powerful as wired. However, now with the continuous improvement of its battery power has brought more love from users. However, corded is still popular and more people choose. Because it can efficiently handle the desired cutting tasks quickly. Therefore, depending on your work needs, you need to consider the most suitable jigsaw.

Scrolling saw: This is also a type of jigsaw. It is designed with a blade adjustment knob on the top of the body and directly in line with the blade. This allows the blade to rotate during the cutting process. With this feature, it can support to perform circular cutting tasks efficiently. However, its major drawback is that you have to pay attention to putting pressure on the back of the blade so that the cut always follows the angle you desire. Many carpenters find this type of jigsaw unnecessary and can damage your wood if you don’t know how to use it properly.

Laser guideline: Laser guides are attached to some jigsaw. Its feature is the ability to create thin red cuts that you can see similarly on circular saws today. Therefore, this characteristic is quite useful in keeping the cut always straight and not twisted or directional commands.

In conclusion

I have introduced some key features that you need to pay attention to when choosing the best quality jigsaw. The two features of orbital action and variable speed are the two most important factors but you must not ignore other accompanying features such as motor power and cut depth.

Besides, there are a few features that are not necessary that I have not pointed out in this article. You can find out later. Finally, I hope the knowledge I have provided will help you in your decision to buy a jigsaw. And thank you for taking the time to read through this article.

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