Dessert Table ~ Sweet Harvest

I was so thrilled to find this next sweet table from Sweet Harvest in Kansas City.  I have recently received a request to do a gluten-free dessert table for a child’s party.  I have to say,  after hours of research on the internet…I am overwhelmed with information, and the tremendous need for gluten-free products! Many of the ingredients are easy to find, but are costly. However, I did find a list of gluten free candies (many of them we know and love) 
Sweet Harvest created a beautiful gluten free dessert table with a train theme! Trail “Train” Mix,  fresh strawberries, custom wrapped fruit leather and a centerpiece of Gluten free, living, raw Vanilla Almond Cupcakes, and fresh pressed strawberry apple lemonade to drink.
Sweet Harvest makes all of their desserts from scratch using all natural ingredients. Sweetened with organic evaporated cane juice and organic blue agave syrup, real butter, pure vanilla extract and mediteranean sea salt.  I am SO impressed!

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