Top popular book light models available today

Reading is a very useful and necessary habit of every human being. It not only helps people improve their knowledge but it also inspires you to love life more. However, many people who have a great passion for reading have a habit of reading anytime, anywhere and even places without much light. It is not a good habit. Reading in low-light conditions is a pretty big mistake that quickly damages your eyes. To solve this problem, you just need to equip yourself with a quality reading night light so that your eyes will not tire quickly even during the night.

In the market of book lights now, there are quite a lot of different models with full designs, sizes, and functions. That makes it difficult for you to choose an appropriate style, right? Understanding that confusion, in today’s article, I will present the samples of best book lights that are commonly used today. From that, you can review and take the one you like best. Are you curious about what those models are? Okay, I won’t let you wait for a long time. Let’s find out now.

Book lights hanging at the head of the bed

Manufacturers have used 3W LEDs in the form of hanging at the bedside to provide direct light for readers to read books while lying in bed effectively and conveniently. This lamp is made from solid aluminum quite durable. Besides, it is exquisitely processed by skilled craftsmen. Therefore, the style of this lamp is quite beautiful and sophisticated.

Moreover, its color is also quite diverse and suitable for many spaces. For example, the milky white color is suitable for simple and modern bedroom space. The mysterious black color will suit the traditional spaces to make it stand out more. When choosing a book light, you should not only be concerned about its functions but also need to consider its design that is suitable for your home space? The impressive design of the lights will make your space stand out and look more beautiful.

Book lights with clamp style

This lamp is composed of a convenient clip, users can clip the lamp right next to the bed or anywhere you require to use. The light bulb of this type belongs to Led Chip technology. So, You can use the lamp continuously and up to 20,000 hours. Besides, the neck part of the light is created in the form of a unique and highly flexible goose neck with a length of 30cm. If you like the benefit it offers, you can consider and buy it now.

Tree book lights

Looking at the name of this book light, you can guess what it looks like, right? As you think, this lamp was created with a unique tree model. Especially, You can move any indoor position you want easily because it’s quite light and doesn’t take up much of your space. Equipping this unique tree-style book lamp will make your home space more vivid and fancy. You can review and choose right away.

Book lights with round shape

A lovely design for the bedroom or reading space of the cute and gentle girls. The body of the lamp is softly curved, the lamp shade is round like a blooming flower, which adorns the space more beautifully and impressively. Its pure white color will be extremely harmonious with your space.

Mini led lights for reading book

This mini-book light uses energy from small AA batteries. So it doesn’t need any wires or connectors. Besides, its compact design will help you take it anywhere easily. The weight and compact size are also a prominent advantage of this product, you can use it to read books, light the laptop keyboard, study … without fear of affecting people around them. Moreover, the light is also cleverly designed that is very easy to clip to the edge of the table. This lamp is quite versatile, isn’t it? If you like the convenience of this light, you can get yourself one now.

Jansjo book lights

Jansjo book light is a model of the lamp which is designed very simple but extremely sophisticated and modern. The lamp is made of iron with electrostatic paint so it is very strong. The bulb is a type of led light that makes it very good for reading at night.

Janos lights have two popular colors: color and black. The white color is very suitable for the gentle, warm bedroom space. And black suits the space more modern and elegant.

In conclusion

I have described in detail some of the patterns of book lights that are loved by many people today. You should consider carefully to be able to buy the sample of book light that you like best.

Finally, I hope that from this list, you will be able to find yourself a book lamp that will protect your eyes optimally. Thank you very much for taking the time to read through this article. Have a nice day.

Tips for choosing the best TV stand

A TV stand is one of the indispensable furniture in every living space of the family. It is usually located in two spaces is in the living room and the bedroom. Nowadays, a TV stand is not just a piece of furniture to place a TV on it. It also combines many other components and parts like cabinets, shelves so you can store other objects effectively.

However, on the market today, TV stands are extremely diverse designs with different sizes, colors, and designs. Therefore, to buy a TV stand that is both qualities and meets your needs is not easy.

Understanding that worry, in this article, I will present some of the criteria or tips that you need to consider before buying a TV stand for your family. From there, you can get a TV stand that best suits your tastes and is worth the money. Now, are you curious about what those tips are? I won’t make you wait long. Let’s start exploring.


I’m sure you don’t want to buy a standing TV that makes you crane your neck, right? It will make your neck sore quickly, and you will not be interested in watching TV anymore. Therefore, choosing a stand TV Tv height appropriate for your vision is very important and necessary. Experts suggest that the TV Stand height of about 42 inches is best suited. However, the distance must depend on the height of your sofa or chair to the TV. To measure the most appropriate distance, sit down on the sofa and try to see if that distance is appropriate for your vision. If not, you can adjust it immediately.

Finally, manufacturers recommend that you should get a TV stand that is set up with mounts to be able to adjust and change positions easier.

Size and width

Next, the size of your TV also determines the size and width of the TV stand. For example, if your TV is about 40, 50 inches, you cannot buy a standing TV that is smaller than the width of the TV. Not only does it make your TV stand ridiculous and unsightly, but it also causes your TV stand or TV to break quickly. Let’s imagine a small TV stand with a big TV, can they withstand each other for a long time? Your TV will accidentally crash or fall at any time with a TV stand too small. Therefore, before buying a TV stand for your family, you need to carefully measure the size and width of the TV to fit perfectly with the TV stand you will get.

Suitable for the whole space

Before buying a TV stand for your living room or bedroom, you have to see if it fits the size of that room. Specifically, if your living room is too small, you should not buy a TV stand that is too big. It will make your living room space narrower than before. Therefore, to get a TV stand that is suitable for small spaces, you need to buy a corner TV stand or a traditional TV stand. These are the two most suitable options. Because they do not make your home space cramped, it also makes your space more beautiful and attractive.

Conversely, if you live in a large and comfortable space, you can choose whatever type of TV stand you want is suitable. The bigger the best TV stand, the more charming your living space will be.


In the market today, manufacturers have used a lot of different materials to make a TV stand. However, wood and metal are the two most popular materials. The wooden TV stand is suitable for those who like the traditional, rustic. Besides, a metal TV stand is loved by people who want living spaces to become more attractive and modern.

Common types of wood used to make the TV stand as oak, cherry wood, mahogany, etc. These are natural wood. So its price is quite high. Of course, you can be assured of the quality it brings.

On the other hand, metal is much cheaper than wood. Besides, it’s quite light. You can move it from one position to another easily. However, it is not strong enough and durable as wood. Therefore, this material is suitable for people with average incomes.

Extra Features

But as I said above, TV stands today have a lot of other functions besides being used to place TVs. You can store other household objects on it. For example, manufacturers have settled several cabinets, shelves, doors on it. These additional features will make your TV stand more beautiful and unique. With shelves, you can put decorative items such as vases, pictures.  And with drawers, you can store or put things that you do not want to expose. Finally, a TV stand with glass doors will make your room more modern. Remember to check if it is tempered glass or not. Because only using this type of glass, you just can put objects on it effectively.


If you want to use a wooden TV stand, brown wood is the most popular color. It is the safest option because shades of brown can work well in many different color combinations and styles.

Besides, Black is also another option for you. In case, If you are looking to decorate a home in a contemporary style.

You can use other colors you like. However, you need to consider whether it is fit for the whole space.

In conclusion

I have covered some criteria that you need to consider when choosing a TV stand for your family. Those criteria are extremely necessary. I recommend that you should not skip any of them

I hope the information I have given above can help you in buying the best quality TV stand. And thank you so much for taking the time to read this article. Have a nice day.

Skills To Buy Laser Measuring Tool

Choosing to buy a quality laser measuring tool seems complicated but incredibly comfortable. With the sharing below, you will select the model that suits your needs and budget.

What is a laser distance meter?

With the increasing development of society, the construction works are increasing in scale. The measurement, even more, requires accuracy and the use of smart devices to measure quickly.

Their inefficiency and measurement time are gradually replacing traditional measuring devices such as tape measure and meter.

Therefore, the company has launched a range of distance meters to help users save measurement time, give specific data.

The type of machine used is a laser measuring tool. This is a simple device that works on the principle that when the laser is projected to a position to be measured, press the button and wait for about 1-2 seconds after the machine beeps, the screen will display the measurement results.

The device can measure distances up to hundreds of meters. At the same time, it is possible to measure the area, volume, and height indirectly of buildings and works to help users save time and effort in measuring.

Manufacturers of laser distance meters, which one should they choose?

Manufacturers of well-known instrumentation in the world such as Bosch, Leica, … These companies have distance measuring devices with many applications and are trusted in the market. However, to assess the popularity and vast consumption, you must mention the Bosch cave. He is prominent in this product industry. The advantage of this type of machine is a fast start, continuous measurement, accuracy, and durability. And the device can withstand drops from a height of 1.5m.

Where can you buy a standard laser measuring tool?

Many people wonder where to buy laser distance measuring devices for prestige, excellent quality at affordable prices. Therefore, to buy a laser distance meter, it is necessary to select reputable product distribution agents in the market.

This product has many types and different prices depending on the needs of each person.

This also means that there will be counterfeit and inferior quality goods. If you do not know how to choose, you will encounter the case of buying a fake laser distance meter, just lost money, and cannot use it. There are many ways to distinguish fake and shoddy goods such as color difference, time to display measurement results, and the ability to measure distances continuously.

Do not buy old laser distance meters

Should or shouldn’t buy by the old laser distance is a question of many users. Please confirm that it is always not recommended because the old model, the performance and quality of the machine will undoubtedly be reduced. Moreover, on the market today, there are many new, cheap, and quality models to help you easily choose the right model to use effectively.

Reasons not to buy an old laser measuring tool

There are many reasons why you need to consider when purchasing an old laser distance measuring device:

  • Product quality is not guaranteed

Old distance meters often have poor quality. Some problems may occur, such as scratched product body; buttons are not sensitive; the screen is not bright, the laser pulse generator is not stable, etc. These problems reduce the life of the device, causing the machine to become faster and more corrupted.

  • Performance is not high

It is because the product quality is not right, leading to low performance. This makes the measurement data unsatisfactory; errors may appear, which leads to time-consuming measurement and correction. Also, due to reduced dust and impact resistance, the product is more likely to be damaged.

  • Easy to be fake

Old laser distance measuring products are natural to be counterfeited. Many people had bought fake and inferior quality products when they believed the sellers were old machines from famous brands on the market. It not only affects the interests of buyers but also affects customers’ trust in those brands.

  • The purchase price is not low

Buying an old laser measuring tool is not less expensive if you have no experience. Not only that, due to easily damaged, the cost of repair will also increase. Currently, there are many new and cheap quality models, so why do you not invest in a new device to use effectively?

Which laser measuring tool should buy to ensure price, quality?

This is a question many customers ask when looking for an alternative to buying an old laser distance measuring device. Currently, there are many brands of distance measuring devices competing in the market. Some can be mentioned, such as Bosch, Stanley, Makita, … With diverse designs, quite affordable prices, customers can completely own a new machine with full functionality, integrated with much modern technology.

Each job has its measurement requirements, requiring specific specifications and functions. Therefore, depending on the needs to use that you should choose for yourself a reasonable gauge. However, remember that you need to find products at popular supply locations to ensure quality and enjoy the optimal warranty policy.

In conclusion

Be the smart consumer to own quality products, and I will help you. Choose to buy fashionable and quality products, you can be assured of the quality and origin. Through the above article, I hope that you can choose to buy yourself the best laser measuring tool to meet the needs of your work.

Features to consider when getting a jigsaw

Jigsaw is one of the indispensable tools for carpenters and woodworking lovers. The outstanding use of this type of tool is to be able to cut a piece of wood into different angles and shapes according to the user’s wishes from straight to circular or parallel cut. Besides cutting wood, you can apply it to cut other materials like metal, glass or ceramic.

However, on the market today there are many different jigsaws with different designs, features or colors. That makes the carpenter especially the beginner extreme difficulty when choosing the one that suits their work best.

Understanding that worry, in this article I will present to you about some features you need to consider first when choosing to buy a jigsaw for your workshop and family. Are you curious about what those features are? I don’t let you wait any longer. Let’s find out and explore.



Main features

When you consider purchasing a jigsaw, you need to pay attention to features of orbital action and variable speed first. Because these two features determine the cutting quality of your entire process. Find out in detail about the outstanding features of these two parts below.

Orbital action: Jigsaw’s orbital action has remarkable features compared to the standard orbital. With the standard orbital, you can only move up and down. But with orbital action, you can move more flexibly from moving up and down simply to forward or backward, … Especially, it helps jigsaw avoid corrosion or damage quickly. Besides, the orbital action can assist the carpenter to make smoother cuts than the standard orbital

Variable speed: The best jigsaw is a tool that can adjust the speed. Buying a tool that comes with this feature is essential. It allows you to flexibly adjust the tool’s movement speed to suit each material. For example, if you want to cut metal material or cut the wooden board in a circular shape, setting with slow speed is most proper. That makes your final product more beautiful and meticulous.

Other features

Besides, there are some features below that you must not overlook:

Motor power: With any tool, motor power is an important factor when choosing. Strong motors will be able to cut faster, more powerful. That will lead to an increase in your productivity. According to my suggestion, you take a jigsaw with a motor of six or seven amps that is suitable.

Cut depth: You should choose a jigsaw with depth appropriate to each material. For example, if cutting wood, the most suitable depth is about 2 inches. And when cutting metal, you should cut about 1/2 inch deep. Cutting to the appropriate depth is important. Because, if the cut is too deep, it will destroy the jigsaw and cause the tool to break or bend quickly.

A few other considerations

Corded and Cordless: There are two types of jigsaw commonly used today: corded and cordless. Each type has different features and superior structure. In the past, cordless was not as powerful as wired. However, now with the continuous improvement of its battery power has brought more love from users. However, corded is still popular and more people choose. Because it can efficiently handle the desired cutting tasks quickly. Therefore, depending on your work needs, you need to consider the most suitable jigsaw.

Scrolling saw: This is also a type of jigsaw. It is designed with a blade adjustment knob on the top of the body and directly in line with the blade. This allows the blade to rotate during the cutting process. With this feature, it can support to perform circular cutting tasks efficiently. However, its major drawback is that you have to pay attention to putting pressure on the back of the blade so that the cut always follows the angle you desire. Many carpenters find this type of jigsaw unnecessary and can damage your wood if you don’t know how to use it properly.

Laser guideline: Laser guides are attached to some jigsaw. Its feature is the ability to create thin red cuts that you can see similarly on circular saws today. Therefore, this characteristic is quite useful in keeping the cut always straight and not twisted or directional commands.

In conclusion

I have introduced some key features that you need to pay attention to when choosing the best quality jigsaw. The two features of orbital action and variable speed are the two most important factors but you must not ignore other accompanying features such as motor power and cut depth.

Besides, there are a few features that are not necessary that I have not pointed out in this article. You can find out later. Finally, I hope the knowledge I have provided will help you in your decision to buy a jigsaw. And thank you for taking the time to read through this article.

Things to know when using a woodworking dust mask

Dust masks for woodworking are one of the labor protection tools to ensure safety for people. However, users still do not fully understand things that need to do when using a dust mask for woodworking.

woodworking dust mask

woodworking dust mask

Adhesion test

  • How to check adhesion:

Step 1: Check whether the gas mask has a suction device and an exhaust valve.

Step 2: Check that both suction devices and exhaust valves are in good working condition.

Step 3: Put on the gas mask.

Step 4: Tighten the belt over the head until the gas mask attaches to the wearer’s face comfortably.

Step 5: Airtightness test

How to check negative pressure and positive pressure:

Negative pressure is created in the gas mask when the wearer inhales.

Positive pressure is created in the gas mask when the wearer breathes.

Step 1: cover the suction device of the gas mask with your palm, using a small piece of plastic or a specially made equipment.

Step 2: create a vacuum in the gas mask by breathing in slightly and holding your breath for 10 seconds.

Step 3: Check the pressure

Negative pressure: the airtight respirator will move close to the face, remain in this position, and no air will escape from the side or from above or below. If the mask does not move inwards to the face or does not remain in that position, it will have gas leaking. Therefore, you should check the exhaust valve, change the location of the gas mask, and adjust the straps over the head.

If positive pressure: airtight respirator will expand and remain in this position, and no air will escape from the side or from above and below. If there is air coming out, check the suction device, change the location of the respirator, and adjust the strap over the head.

Step 4: Please recheck the airtightness.


  • Clean the gas mask while working:

Sometimes the wearer may clean the gas mask during his / her working hours. Use a few minutes after the break or mealtime to clean the inside of the respirator using a wet cloth.

  • Clean the gas mask regularly

Step 1: Remove the filter:

The filter should not be wet or wet.

Clean the outside of the filter with a wet cloth

Do not clean the inside of the screen

Replace the filter if paint or any other contaminant slowly contaminate it.

Step 2: You remove the straps over the head, washers, and exhaust valves.

Step 3: Dip the mask in warm water and wash carefully. Do not use hot water because it may change the shape of the cover. Note:

Use mild soap

Use a soft brush to remove hard dust and stains

Never use organic solvents such as pine oil or gasoline to clean your respirator.

Step 4: Use clean, warm water to remove soap bubbles and disinfectant from the mask.

Step 5: Dry the mask using a clean surface or hanging on a clothesline in the following steps:

Place the cover where the shape of the cover does not change during the drying process.

Use a soft, lint-free cloth to wipe excess moisture before drying the mask completely.

Step 6: Rinse the drain valve and seal carefully

Dry in a humid atmosphere. Set to dry in position will help maintain the original shape of the exhaust valve.

Replace any bent or damaged exhaust valve with a new valve.

Step 7: Replace the parts of the respirator mask with genuine parts certified by the manufacturer. Assemble the pieces in the correct order.

Step 8: reassemble the filter.

(Note: The procedures for cleaning and disinfecting a respirator mask may vary. Please refer to the manufacturer’s instructions before cleaning the respirator.)

Store dust masks for woodworking

Make sure your respirator mask is clean by storing it in a resealable plastic bag.

Store the respirator in a resealable plastic bag to protect it from dust and pollutants.

  • Make sure plastic bags with zippers are clean.
  • Confirm that the plastic bag can be pulled back and not damaged.
  • Replace plastic bags if necessary.

Make sure that the respirator mask and the belt do not get stretched during storage.

Do not store the respirator mask with other equipment. The device may damage gas masks.

When storing the respirator in a vehicle or a location prone to temperature fluctuations, open the plastic bag with a soft pull cover to prevent condensation.

Management of disposable respirators

3M Dust Mask

3M Dust Mask

Single respirator: Single-use respirator type of cup or fold type. Some have exhaust valves; Some other brands do not have this feature.

How to maintain it:

  • The gas mask has two straps to fasten the cover to the face. Always have both straps.
  • Wear straps under helmets, hats, or earmuffs. Wearing improper thongs can bend the mask part of the gas mask or tighten belts, which can lead to poor adhesion to the face.
  • Store the cup-shaped respirator in its original shape. Do not fold as folding can cause the filter to create and result in poor adhesion to the face. Folding gas masks can be folded for storage.

How to use woodworking dust mask flash one time

  • How to measure mask:

Step 1: Place the gas mask in the palm with the cover of the hood on the fingers.

Step 2: Put the gas mask on the nose, mouth, and chin.

Step 3: Use your other hand to pull the upper straps above the ears and behind the head

Step 4: Pull the lower straps to the back of the head and below the ears. The bottom straps of some types of gas masks with clamps can tighten behind the head.

Step 5: Use the tip of your finger to gently press the nose of the cover down towards his nose

Step 6: Close the respirator mask with both hands and check the adhesion. Gas masks are slightly wrinkled when inhaled; No air comes out when exhaling.

  • Gas pressure test:

Step 1: Use both hands to cover the entire gas mask or use a plastic cup provided by the manufacturer to check for airtightness.

Step 2: If the gas mask comes with a drain valve, use your palm to seal it.

Step 3: Put on a gas mask and try breathing in, breathing out. If airtight, the cover will be slightly wrinkled when inhaled, and no gas will exhale.

Step 4: If air leaks around the nose, press on the side of your nose to make the mask fit snugly. If air leaks out at the corners of the gas mask, adjust the straps.

Step 5: If air tightness is not guaranteed, notify supervisors and leave the mask outside the contaminated area.

In conclusion

Many people still think that gas masks are just an ordinary mask. Therefore, attention to the functions or use of them is neglected. Hopefully, after this article, people will pay more attention when using gas masks.

How to choose the hot glue gun

With the development of society today, the quality of life is also changing quickly and become higher and higher. So the people have a lot of opportunities to choose according to the preferences that make them difficult to select the appropriate hobbies to follow. Most of the people do like choosing hobbies in arts such as painting, drawing, dancing, singing and so on. In my opinion, the hot glue gun is the best choice for the people. Maybe you are wondering what is the best glue gun suitable for your use? Don’t worry I will help you.

What is the hot glue gun?

Best Hot Glue Guns

The is also called a heat gun, it melts candle glue to attach handmade accessories to ensure the nature and the most aesthetic value for the product. Accessories will be attached firmly with glue candle after the high-temperature glue flow and freezing.

How to activities of hot glue gun? 

A hot glue gun works by heating, burning by melt glue fire at a temperature of 170-190 degrees Celsius. The hot glue gun uses electricity to convert it into heat to effectively heat candle glue.

Users only need to remove the trigger when the glue reaches the melting point for the glue to melt out. A great tool for connecting parts, as effective as using 502 glue but eating more safely.

What is the best glue gun to buy?

The line of glue guns on the market is quite diverse giving users a lot of choices to classify glue guns mainly based on the type of candle glue used

The below will indicate the best glue guns, which you should own one.

  1. Silicon toothpick glue gun, it is a small to medium-sized gun for small glue level. It used to perform small manipulations, high level of meticulous.
  2. Granular silicone glue gun, it is used in all fields of packaging, cartons with small glue particles.
  3. The glue gun is derived from plastic, it is used in the industry of producing diapers, non-woven fabrics.

How to classify of the hot glue gun?

  1. The hot glue gun powered battery, it is very convenient and flexible when using the battery as the main energy source.
  2. The hot glue gun powered electronic, it uses voltage with high stability and large capacity but limited, it is only used in places where no power supply.
  3. The hot glue gun the form of steam, it uses steam pressure to the glue stick, it is only used for gluing glass.

What are the steps options to buy suitable for the hot glue gun?

The glue gun is sold on the market quite a lot, diverse models, styles, materials and specific characteristics. It is classified into many different products, you need to choose the right product.

The first is you should choose according to the type of candles to use. 

The second step is to choose the glue gun use battery or electric. 

The third step is an interesting design in the gun. You should choose the type of hot glue gun with a compact design, medium handle to support the convenient and easy operation. The material of glue gun is also a factor that users need to pay attention to ensure durability and gun life, common material of glue gun is usually high-grade hard plastic or alloy. It designs safe, insulated and insulated users.

The fourth step is to choose the glue gun use the most simple. Glue guns are designed with a variety of designs and different ways of use. Therefore, you should choose a simple gun, it does not require a too sophisticated operation.

And finally step is the price and brand of the glue gun. The glue gun is very diverse with many designs, brands, and origins in the market. You should choose to buy genuine products from reputable brands for long-term and effective use like Amazon and eBay. 

In conclusion

A hot glue gun will be an effective tool for the job handmade, the small and simple at home. You buy the glue gun is not difficult with the cheap but users need to consider and evaluate to choose a suitable investment. I hope the experience on here will support you to choose to buy glue gun candle and type best current and long-term use most.

Why should we consider buying an electronic plier in life?

Nowadays, with the continuous development of technology and science, people invented the overwhelming modern machine that is applied widely in life with high efficiency and applications. The appearance of modern machines brings us a lot of benefits and helps us work easier and more effective. Especially, when we mention the modern devices, we need to mention a useful tool in life called the pliers. In my opinion, the pliers are so close and widely used in many important areas of society such as the electricity works, the mechanical works, and the telecommunication works. In this article, I will introduce to you some general information about the electronic pliers and the reasons that we should choose to use this tool for working.

electronic plier

Why did we call this device, the electronic pliers?

I think that many of us want to understand clearly the definition of electronic pliers. So in this article, I will help you get more knowledge about the electronic pliers. The pliers are a handheld tool that is designed to hold objects firmly. Moreover, this tool is also applied widely to bend and compress a wide range of materials. The definition of electronic pliers is quite similar to the definition of normal pliers. However, electronic pliers are completely popular with electricians and mechanics. It can be said that electronic plier is one of the most important devices in the toolbox of each electrician and mechanic. If we do not see any electronic plier in the toolbox of the electricians and mechanics, we can guess that they are not the electricians or mechanics. Some people think that it is just a joke but it is a truth. Only when we work like them, we can know the importance of this device.

How many kinds of pliers are there on the market?

There are so many pliers on the market nowadays with many different types, functions, structures, and sizes. That is the reason why many people become more difficult to choose the best pliers set for their needs and their conditions. However, we should know that if we want to choose the appropriate pliers, we need to depend on some important features. Firstly, each plier will have different functions so we have to know the characteristics of the works that we have to use the pliers. And then we can choose the appropriate pliers and the appropriate size of this tool. According to the structures, sizes, and functions of each plier, we divide the plier into seven main types. And in this article, I will share with you one of them that is an electronic plier.

The prominent advantages of electronic plier in life?

I know that a lot of people always have a question in their mind about electronic plier. Do they think that should they need to buy the electronic plier for working or not?. So I will help you understand more about the applications and benefits of the electronic plier in our life below.

  • The electronic plier becomes the best choice for many people: why did I say that? The reason is that this device is always a product that is believed to use by many people in life. The electronic plier is designed with a compact and simple form so it is very easy to use. This tool can be used easily by every age from young people to old people. Moreover, electronic plier is also very safe and convenient for users with a small size.
  • The electronic plier is designed with a high- quality product: This tool is so popular with many people in many countries in the world because of its quality. Each step to make the electronic plier was finished extremely carefully. Besides, the materials that are used to make this tool are of high quality and have high insulation capacity. So this tool brings us high speed and high efficiency in cutting wire. Moreover, this device is also very durable, so we can use it for a long time.
  • The electronic plier is very cheap: we can see that the price of each plier is quite cheap on the market nowadays. Although this tool is cheap, it can bring us a lot of benefits when using it.

In conclusion

We can see that electronic plier has a lot of advantage in our life. This tool is very useful in many important fields of society. I wish with the information about the electronic pliers in this article, you can get the important role of this tool. So I think we should buy the electronic pliers for our work to get the best efficiency.

How to make foam slime?

How to make slime kits? This is the question of most people who do not want to buy slime outside and want to make it by their own hands. Making Slime kits at home is not difficult, if you do not know how to do Slime, then you should follow the following article. In this article, I will share with you how to make extremely easy slime kits with available materials and easy to find and learn, which is making foam slime.

What you need

  • Bowls and spoons
  • Baking soda
  • White vinegar
  • Xanthan gum
  • Green food color

Making foam slime

  • Step 1: Pour vinegar into the bowl. Add 2 cups of white vinegar to the bowl. You only use white vinegar. Do not replace with other types like apple cider vinegar.
  • Step 2: Add xanthan gum. Xanthan gum is a thickening and stabilizing agent. You can buy it online or at a store selling cosmetic ingredients. Add 1 and 1/4 teaspoon of xanthan gum to the vinegar and stir well. Continue stirring until there are no white molecules and the mixture will be smooth and transparent.

Xanthan gum is sometimes hard to find in the supermarket. You must order online, so be sure to order a few days before you want to make slime.

  • Step 3: Add green food color. A few drops of green food color will make the mixture look softer. You should only add a few drops first and increase it until the mixture has the desired color.
  • Step 4: Refrigerate the mixture overnight. The mixture will remain thin after finishing. For a thick texture, you should put the mixture in the refrigerator. Although it only takes 2 to 3 hours for the mixture to solidify, it’s best to leave it overnight. This makes xanthan gum completely soluble.
  • Step 5: Apply baking soda to a flat surface. You should do this right at the hand sink or in the tub to have a flat surface that is easy to clean after being done. Sprinkle baking soda on the surface or bottom of the bowl you choose to cover with baking soda on the surface.
  • Step 6: Stir the slime one more time. When you remove the mixture from the refrigerator, stir once more. Continue stirring until the slime appears cloudy and slightly creamy.
  • Step 7: Add vinegar until the texture is correct. To check if the mixture is ready, scoop some of the mixture with a spoon and pour it back into the bowl. The mixture flows quickly into the bowl. If it is too thick and flows slowly down, you should add some vinegar to the stir. Continue adding vinegar until the mixture drops easily.
  • Step 8: Pour the mixture on the surface covered with baking soda. When the slime has thickened, pour it onto the surface with baking soda. Baking soda is a polymer and slime is an acid because of vinegar. Adding baking soda will make the slime foam. The more salt you add, the more slime the slime will become and the longer it will last.
  • Step 9: Play slime. There are many ways to play with slime. You can imagine slime as poisonous water on some planet, for example, and play with toy astronauts. In addition, you can also use toy dinosaurs and imagine slime as a kind of mucus in prehistoric times. Some people just need to watch the slime effervescent.


  • Observe small children when playing with slime.
  • If slime is hardened, add some water.


  • Do not let children swallow slime.
  • Remember to wash toys after playing with slime.
  • Do not eat slime because it is not safe to swallow.
  • Vinegar is an acid and baking soda is a triglyceride. Therefore, you should use gloves and safety glasses when performing or observing the process of making slime with these two substances.


Although there are many ways to make slime kits, it seems that making foam slime is the simplest and easiest way to do it because all the ingredients we need to prepare are very easy to buy or search. In addition, if you cannot find the market or supermarket where you live, you can buy them online easily. Above, I shared with you about foaming slime, hope that you can make it successful from the first time.

Happy Easter

Last weekend I had the pleasure of putting together a small dessert/snack table for my MOPS {Mothers Of Preschoolers} Group and their families. We had a Easter Egg Hunt at a local park, and had a great time despite the thirty degree weather! I gathered things I already had around the house and a few things from my local Michaels store, and managed to put it all together {including the food} for about $25.00. The table included large and small vanilla cupcakes with butter creme frosting, malt ball easter eggs, and other healthy snacks like green apples, cheddar chick crackers, & individually wrapped honey wheat pretzels.
I hope you and your families have a blessed Easter!
1 Peter 1:3  
Praise be to the God and Father of our Lord Jesus Christ! In His great mercy he has given us new birth into a living hope through the resurrection of Jesus Christ from the dead…(NIV)

Dessert Table ~ Sweet Harvest

I was so thrilled to find this next sweet table from Sweet Harvest in Kansas City.  I have recently received a request to do a gluten-free dessert table for a child’s party.  I have to say,  after hours of research on the internet…I am overwhelmed with information, and the tremendous need for gluten-free products! Many of the ingredients are easy to find, but are costly. However, I did find a list of gluten free candies (many of them we know and love) 
Sweet Harvest created a beautiful gluten free dessert table with a train theme! Trail “Train” Mix,  fresh strawberries, custom wrapped fruit leather and a centerpiece of Gluten free, living, raw Vanilla Almond Cupcakes, and fresh pressed strawberry apple lemonade to drink.
Sweet Harvest makes all of their desserts from scratch using all natural ingredients. Sweetened with organic evaporated cane juice and organic blue agave syrup, real butter, pure vanilla extract and mediteranean sea salt.  I am SO impressed!